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Macular Support


  • Daily macular support.
  • Prevent retinal diseases like AMD and diabetic retinopathy.
  • Protect the retina and support sharp vision.
  • Protects from degeneration suretina
  • Improves photo receptor & protects from damage

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Product Description

Macular Support

Macular Support With Saffron:

Suretina is uniquely formulated on the basis of scientific research.

Macular Support:

Suretina offers daily macular support with 5 active ingredients (Lutein, Merzo Zeaxanthin, Trans Zeaxanthin, Alpha Carotene, Saffron extracts) to prevent a range of retinal diseases like AMD and diabetic Retinopathy.

Pigmented Oxidants:

Lutein, Meso Xeaxanthin and Trans-Zeaxanthin are bright orange and red anti-oxidants in combination with vitamin A. It absorbs dangerous blue light, protect the retina and support sharp vision.


A powerful antioxidant that improves results with the Snellen eye chart exam.

Retina Denegeneration:

It protects from retinal degeneration suretina.

Macular thickness:

It improves macular thickness, improves photo receptor and also protects from damage.


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